FuzyPro Hot Runner Controls

The HRC 15AL control module has dual digital displays providing readouts of both process and setpoint temperatures. Front panel Soft Start, Open Loop (Manual) Control and Closed Loop PID control buttons allow the user to select the function they want, when they want it, which puts you in control of your heating process quickly and easily. The auto-tuning function allows this controller to determine the PID parameters required for the controlled system. This provides precise control for any temperature process.

Power Supply: 220VAC 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption: 5VA
Units: °C or °F
Inputs: Thermocouple J,T,N,B,S,E,R,K
Resolution: 1°
Sampling Period: 3 times/second
Alarm Out: AL1 deviation high with audible
Output: Connect load directly 15A 220VAC
Control Mode: Ramp start, close loop PID control and
open loop manual PID control.
Basic Error: ±0.5% , ± 1 unit.

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